Quality assurance

Precise as a Swiss timepiece

To maintain the high quality of our family business, all raw materials, active ingredients, bulks, sales merchandise and all interim products are checked for specific characteristics. Alongside these checks, regular in-process controls and final checks, as well as obligatory microbiological inspections in our state-of-the-art laboratory lead to the highest quality and perfection.

Quality assurance checks that the processes are adhered to. We are continually developing and in every respect we get the certifications that are important to us. This means M. Opitz & Co. is Swissmedic certified, it conforms to the cosmetic GMP standard and is also ISO 9001 (certified by SQS and IQNet) and ISO 22716 certified. In addition to this we have SFDA Saudi Arabia Certification.

In all other respects, internal qualifications, validations, specifications, careful selection of suppliers and additional controls ensure we comply with quality standards. In terms of qualifications, we take special care to ensure that our facilities, equipment and premises demonstrate a set performance level. Validations ensure that the quality remains consistent for years to come.

Incoming goods control

Our high quality raw materials and packaging material are all selected with the greatest of care. Each product that comes to us is inspected for a wide range of features during the course of incoming goods checks. Only after approval and internal labelling with traceability data can the respective product be used in production or sent to the corresponding storage facility.

In-process controls

Through these checks and by monitoring the process data we ensure that all operations are regulated throughout the production process.

Product safety

In order to assist you with regard to product safety, the suitability of products for EU-wide sale is ensured before they are marketed.

We offer:

  • GMP compliant production
  • Generation of accompanying documents in accordance with cosmetics regulations and pharmacopoeia
  • Fulfilment of reporting obligations
  • Microbiological investigations
  • Production information data in accordance with RL 1223/2009 EEC
  • Full service


We document the entire production process from the receipt of goods through to the dispatch of raw materials, packaging, bulk and finished products in accordance with legal guidelines.
Developments and declarations are created using our special F&E software. Upon request, for each product a security assessment and toxicology report can be created.